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You have a great product, efficient processes, a vision for the future and a strategy to execute it. All you need is a great team made up of talented individuals to contribute and drive your goals and mission. People are the most important element to any successful operation and your competitors know that.

Tech Heads offer great flexibility allowing you to solve your hiring challenges in creative ways making sure you stay ahead of the market at all times. Our unique model enables you to blend resource types giving you a clear advantage of the market and even lets you hire people from abroad staying compliant at all times.

Why the most successful companies choose Tech Heads as their agile tech resource partner:

  • Your budget - Tech Heads

    Founded and run by real tech heads (our Managing Partner is a former and qualified with hons software engineer)

    We use our proprietary RI (Recruitment Intelligence) system to create digital automation funnels allowing us to focus on an unrivaled quality service to all the people involved.

  • We are fast - Tech Heads

    Our average time to hire is 21 days and we are so confident we offer a money back guarantee!

    We constantly review our tech stack to ensure we can improve our process and provide an even smoother hiring experience.

  • We don't sacrifice quality - Tech Heads

    Our combined knowledge of the tech and recruitment industries spanning over 30 years means we know who you need to get the job done.

    We have a very thorough interview process with every candidate we screen on your behalf and provide you with detailed notes and information you would not otherwise know or be able to see on their CV. We will never send you irrelevant CVs or set up time wasting interviews: 90% of the candidates we send to our clients are interviewed and 50% of the candidates that enter the interview process are hired.

  • We are boutique - Tech Heads

    Have you ever worked with a recruitment company who gave you the bells and whistles sales pitch only for you to then find out that you become another 'one in a million' client and do not receive the attention to detail or focus you deserve? Or, that the consultant you took time to meet and brief in detail about your jobs and business moves on a month later and you need to waste time briefing someone else again? We are a boutique agency with independent operating consultants and we will stay that way for each and every market we operate in so that we can provide the focus and service you need from a talent partner who is representing you in a market that is more competitive than ever.

  • We are your long term partner - Teach Heads

    We guarantee to find you the best quality resources you can get for your budget.

    Dip into our global tech resource pool built over 20 years which is constantly growing ensuring you get the most for your budget.

  • We consult you - Tech Heads

    ​Having grown startups and SMEs ourselves we understand what it takes for a company to get to the next level.

    We don't only help you find the people you need, we advise you on strategy, retainment and long term recruitment solutions which will not only safe but make you money.

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