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What a great time to be in recruitment: It's an industry that has never been more dynamic. With the increased possibilities of job searching in today’s market place coupled with companies turning towards recruiters as valuable service providers who not only help them find the right talent but also make sure people get what they deserve from their careers. Recruitment can be seen less like “the evil stepsister" we were told about growing up, instead becoming her elegant sibling whom you couldn't wait to invite over for dinner!

The recruitment industry is a competitive one and it's not easy to break into as it takes more than experience alone for someone who wants success - you need sophisticated tech and training on the human psyche as well as a great level of empathy as well! In a talent short market it has become more important than ever to truly understand and care about the people you work with as longlasting relationships are the only way to make and keep your place in the recruitment industry.

You may be an experienced recruiter looking at taking on greater control over your earnings or maybe this would simply be your very first job in recruitment; either way we've got the support you need. Tech Heads, as all Livero Group companies, is structured to achieve maximum results and allows its members to earn the most freedom. Our proprietary Recruitment Intelligence system allows you to focus on what you do best and thrive within a carefully built support framework.

Our mission is for our consultants to make more money and gain more freedom as ultimatley this means more money and freedom for our company. We automate tedious tasks so you can focus on creating more value for your candidates and clients which ultimately results in you earning more money in less time.

What you can expect working with Tech Heads:
  • great, uncapped commission and bonus structure rewarding your success

  • clear career path to Senior Consultant, Manager or even Head of your own division

  • frequent 1:1 coaching sessions and team training to ensure you can be the most successful version of yourself

  • carefully built support network

  • increased efficiency and more placements by learning and using our proprietary Recruitment Intelligence system

  • flexible schedule, more freedom and autonomy

  • great team, fun environment to work in, lots of incentives and group activities and we all love a good party

​What you don't have to do:
  • cold calling (we prefer warm calls)

  • spread yourself thin - everyone has their own niche and gets to play to their strengths

  • meet KPI targets

  • resourcing and admin

  • overly competitive and cut throat environment - it's not 2010 anymore!

​How to join:

Only you have the power to change your life. You can do it right now, or you could continue staring at this text and go back to scrolling social media — either way is just as good. If you decide to get going here is a short form for you to fill in:

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