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  • Afua Pearl B
    Afua Pearl B

    Business Analyst/UK & UI Designer, FSB

    ​Few words that comes to mind when dealing with Neil Ray is a an awesome professional. Whilst dealing with his recruitment agency I was marvelled by his consummate professionalism at all times.Neil explained the inner workings of the company I was to interview with perfectly and was instrumental in helping me to get back on the job ladder after my previous contract ended .Neil's work ethic was impeccable! He was always willing to offer support - even out of his working hours. He literally went the extra mile to ensure his candidates were given nothing but the best support!Thank you Neil! You made my recruitment process with your firm - a fun but great experience. Yet, still getting the job done with excellence and proven results.Keep up the good work! I will recommend Neil to all candidates because you can be guaranteed a memorable experience with great results.

  • Sam Lawrence
    Sam Lawrence

    Co-founder, CTO, FSB Technology (UK) Ltd

    ​Neil is an excellent recruiter. He has a great understanding of both the technical and the personal skills that a perfect candidate needs to demonstrate. His straightforward approach - coupled with a genuine excitement at finding good people - is refreshing and reassuringly honest. I have no hesitation in recommending him wholeheartedly.

  • Ruxandra Puiu
    Ruxandra Puiu

    Software Engineer, Sheildpay

    ​Nick helped me find my next opportunity. He recommended me jobs that are a perfect fit for my experience and my expectations. He was very involved through the recruitment process, so everything was moving fast. I would highly recommend Nick!

  • Jason Slade
    Jason Slade

    Technical Lead, FSB

    ​I hadn't considered the type of role in which Neil placed me, but he spotted synergy between my skills and experience and his client's needs. His recruitment insight was spot-on and I couldn't be happier in the job I have now. Beyond that, Neil's a really nice guy and has been a pleasure to work with. I recommend him highly.

  • Keith Ellis
    Keith Ellis

    Information Security Manager, Catalyst Housing Limited

    ​Neil is a rare breed of recruitment agency for two basic reasons - 1) when he says he's going to call he does and 2) he calls in any case to keep candidates up-to-date and not left dangling in the wind wondering what become of one's CV! Incredibly personable, he makes the whole process a lot more fun and takes away some of the stress that being between roles brings. I would have no hesitation in working with him again on future roles.

  • Jutiporn B.
    Jutiporn B.

    Frontend Developer, FSB

    ​Nick found me this amazing opportunity and he believed that I was a great fit. In my last job hunt, I dealt with many recruiters, but Nick by far is one of the professional and engaging recruiters I have had. His sense of humor made my job hunting journey fun. I felt I had the support I needed to nail this job. At the end, I got this job and yet he got me a great salary band. It is a win-win. I highly recommend Nick.

  • Kiruthika Sureshkumar

    Test Engineering Manager, FSB

    ​Nick has been very engaging throughout the process. He showed a very professional and dedicated demeanour. He was always there to help all along the process. I appreciate his quick response, efficiency and prompt follow up.

  • Stephen Long
    Stephen Long

    Senior Unity Developer, Maze Theory

    ​I recently found a fantastic new position through Nick. Working with Nick was the smoothest experience I have had with a recruiter to date. Nick was very friendly, and was in regular contact throughout the entire process. A great professional all round.

  • Andrea Santambrogio
    Andrea Santambrogio

    Software Engineer, Meta

    ​Neil's professionalism is exemplar. He's refreshingly candid when it comes to giving feedback and discussing opportunities. He never holds back his judgement and helped me find the right path for my future with his constructive criticism. Definitely recommend Neil if you are looking for an energetic and tireless recruiter who works at the speed of light and never lets you down!

  • Holly Rothwell
    Holly Rothwell

    Software Engineer, Equals

    ​Throughout my job hunting I hadn't come across anyone who came close to being as helpful or sympathetic as Neil. From day one of my dealings with Neil, he was able to find a good fit for a role and followed through quickly and efficiently. An excellent communicator, who took the time to get to know me and what I wanted. I felt incredibly thankful to have worked with Neil, and would happily recommend and work with him again.

  • Christopher Young
    Christopher Young

    Engineering Leader, Sheildpay

    ​I must admit, having given Neil and Nick a very difficult brief for 3 strong node.js engineers, I was very impressed with how they managed to deliver on all 3 roles in a very short period of time. Great start to the relationship.

  • Nick Gommans
    Nick Gommans

    Head of Strategy and Engineering, HSBC

    ​Neil is dedicated to selecting the right candidates which makes working with Neil as a technical interviewer a great experience. Neil also takes feedback on his candidates and consistently demonstrates refinement in candidate selection which reduces the number of candidates that I interview who are not a good fit for the role.

  • Andra Nicolau
    Andra Nicolau

    Founder & CEO, Mavensight

    ​I've worked with Neil for his recruitment services and I have had an amazing experience working with him and his team. He is very thorough in his sourcing, very engaging and only sends the best candidates forward. Would recommend to anyone.

  • Richard Coombes
    Richard Coombes

    Head of Engineering, Equals

    ​I have worked with Neil for a number of years, he has helped to hire talent across a number of different roles. He has consistently produced results for both perm and contract positions, and for a really wide variety of skillsets. One of Neil's talents is in finding the super passionate candidates who really want to immerse themselves in building your products. He'll find you that great contractor at short notice, but he'll also find someone who's been off the radar but is ready to be your next superstar. He's always polite, works his socks off even when it's your own failure to plan and is one of life's genuine good guys. He supports Arsenal, but you can't have it all.

  • Mathew Peter Aliguma
    Mathew Peter Aliguma

    Senior Developer, Archax

    ​Very helpful, goes above and beyond. Secured a fantastic role thanks to Neil’s recommendations and help.

  • Shane Johnson
    Shane Johnson

    Head of Web Development, Equals

    ​I have worked with Neil on a whole range of roles at my current company. I found him to be proactive in seeking out the best candidates. He is quick to understand the right qualities needed in a candidate to fulfil the needs of the role and is very responsive in communications. He is very personable and it felt that Neil isn't just ticking boxes or feeding you bullshit to get candidates through the door but that he really thrives on presenting the best candidates that he knows will succeed in an environment that helps our business thrive with the best employees. I would highly recommend using Neil if you want to fill your vacancies quickly and with the best people.

  • Mihaela Glavan
    Mihaela Glavan

    iOS Developer, AMG Tech

    ​I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Neil have been absolutely wonderful throughout the entire process. It was an open and transparent journey, and I always got support from him when needed. Excellent service and attention through the whole process. 100% professionalism I’m super happy to have found him. Neil called me with feedback for each of my interviews, gave me tips and was available for every question I had. He made the whole process so easy. Thanks Neil.

  • Alex (Gabriel) Boașcă
    Alex (Gabriel) Boașcă

    Senior Python Developer, Homeppl

    ​Neil is an absolute joy to work with, he is very honest and will work very hard to get you the best deal possible. I would definitely not have had the opportunity to interview with such a great company were it not for Neil, and he really gave it his all to make everyone happy. If you're a candidate looking for your next career move, or looking to hire great talent, you want would be very happy with Neil helping you.

  • Conor E. O'Flanagan
    Conor E. O'Flanagan

    Software Engineer, J.P Morgan

    ​Neil was great in helping me land my current role. He has a great mix of persistence, passion and being straight to the point.

  • David Jensen
    David Jensen

    VP of Engineering, Photobox

    ​Neil is one of the best in the business always getting right results on time every time.

  • Jan Vanhoutte

    Co-Founder and CPO, Shepper

    ​It was an absolute pleasure working with Neil this year to solve some of our tech recruitment challenges. He is very diligent in what he does and really delves deep into our business so he's able to speak like one of us when filtering through and speaking with applicants. I particularly like his detailed email after our initial chat that covered our needs at length and meant that he was prepared to take on the job. I highly recommend Neil to anybody that needs a level of service that goes beyond what's the norm.

  • Abhijit Baldawa
    Abhijit Baldawa

    Fullstack Developer, Bulb

    ​Neil is one of those recruiters who is genuinely interested in getting the best deal for both the candidate and his clients. He is honest, punctual in communication, committed and puts in a lot of effort in getting candidates their desired role. In fact during my first few calls with Neil I quickly realised that he is one of the recruiters who will tale care of everything and make things happen. I did get a perfect role through Neil (which I am so thankful for) and can highly recommend him.

  •  Emmanuel Ternon
    Emmanuel Ternon

    Software Engineer, Homeppl

    ​ Ray Associates managed to get me a position as a Software Developer at a vibrant startup company despite the very competitive market of 2020. Unlike other recruiters, they went the extra mile to make sure I got as much feedback as possible from my interviewers so that I could optimally prepare for the whole interview process. Cherry on top of the cake: after having accepted the employment offer Ray Associates managed to get me, they sent me a heart warming congratulations card. That's what I call recruitment done right.

  • Tabasom Aryamanesh
    Tabasom Aryamanesh

    Senior Frontend Developer, Equals

    ​My experience of working with Ray Associates was exceptional. They were very helpful in finding me my upcoming role at a great company. They kept me updated with feedback, and was very encouraging. Ray Associates hard work ensured that the process was easy and stress free! Highly recommended.

  • James S
    James S

    Engineering Team Lead, Equals

    ​Fantastic experience, couldn't recommend enough.

  • Lee James Cooper
    Lee James Cooper

    Information Security Manager, Catalyst Housing

    ​Neil was instrumental in helping us to recruit an Information Security Manager at Catalyst Housing. He is incredibly professional, passionate and dedicated, by far one of the best recruiters I have worked with. What makes Neil stand out is his genuine concern for the best interests of both the client and the candidates, only putting forwards those that are right for the role after his careful and considerate vetting. I would highly recommend Neil and will certainly be using his services again.

  • James Fowler
    James Fowler

    Lead Software Engineer, Leading Payments Company

    ​Tech Heads' approach to the recruitment process was personal, detailed and well-organised. He understood what I was looking for and helped to find me a role that suited my requirements. Their communication standards and responsiveness were excellent throughout. I highly recommend their services and would definitely work with them again.

  • Steve Madincea
    Steve Madincea

    Managing Partner, Fantastec

    Tech Heads deliver. From the moment we first engaged on a recent hire Neil took the time to understand me, our business and our future objectives. Not just in a superficial way but more akin to a business  consultant. As a former software engineer he could also grasp the complexities of our tech stack to help us find the unique skills we required. Our team and our business are in a better place thanks to Neil and his commitment to our needs.

  • Romeo Ledesma
    Romeo Ledesma

    SDET, Equals

    ​I see Neil as someone who's generally on top of things. He's very responsive and will make sure you're kept in the loop of things. He forwarded a role onto me which didn't necessarily align with my skillset at the time but nontheless, it was a role which we both believed I had a lot of transferrable skills for which goes to show that he's not going to be that someone who will send you random roles in hopes of handing you the right one -- he is efficient and has good attention to detail. He keeps a good working relationship with hiring managers and has good knowledge about what they want hence why he is able to give you a more than decent amount of information for the role at hand. I got the job within a week of him forwarding the role onto me.

  • Javi Pulido
    Javi Pulido

    Mobile Team Lead, Plain Concepts

    ​Neil is probably the most passionate recruiter I've ever seen. He worked his socks off while working with me. Being with him has always been a pleasure, he is always available when you need him. You really must trust this guy.

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