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Industry leading retention rates of 96%:

100% of our candidates stay in their roles for a minimum of 12 months. 96% of our candidates are still in-situ after year 2. We achieve unrivaled retention rates through our proprietary 21st century methodology and behavioural assessment process which allows us to predict with great accuracy who is likely to be successful in their role and has the motivation and personality fit to stay long-term.

24 month free replacement policy:

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our FREE replacement policy of up to 24 months. Given our overwhelming success rate it is unlikely you will need it.

​Reduce your overall time-to-hire:

Our candidate pre-assessments will improve your interview-to-hire ratio reducing the time you spend interviewing and assessing candidates so you can focus on the later stages of the process and stay on time with projects and deadlines.

Save upwards of £100k per hire:

Between increasing your retention rates and reducing your commercial downtime, expect to see substantial savings of direct and indirect costs.


We can achieve incredible things when we bring our unique personalities and skill sets together and focus on our common goals. To us diversity does not just mean inclusion of people of different genders and backgrounds it means the inclusion of every unique person, embracing their talent and personality and finding them the best role within the best work place for them so they can excel.

  • Knowledge
    Artifical Intelligence

    We are using bleeding edge AI far beyond ChatGPT to analyse over 200 criteria and identify better performing talent who are likely to stay longterm.

  • Availability

    Call us anytime! Our consultants work flexibly and provide you with their mobile number. You can call anytime; even after hours.

  • Flexibility

    We are boutique! And will stay that way so that we can provide the flexibility, focus and service your business needs.

  • Time

    We deliver fast and decrease your time to hire through a constant influx of better assessed candidates.

  • Communication

    ​For us, this is one of the key ingredients to a healthy, long-lasting and fruitful relationship.

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    ​Let's face it, recruitment agencies have bit of a bad reputation, that's why you can count on us to be 100% honest and upfront with you. From start to finish.

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Neil Ray

The Founder

Tech Heads was founded by Neil Ray in 2014 to change the way recruitment companies are structured. As an innovator and disruptor of industry standards Neil identified the issues of classic recruitment agencies and created a model that allows our consultants to enjoy a lifestyle that is ruled by independence and freedom, as well as providing a better service to clients and candidates.

Neil has over 15 years experience within the recruitment sector & has always been passionate about business in general; with specific interest in the trends, advancements and growth within the recruitment and tech sectors. He has operated successfully in the IT sector himself, supporting his success with a degree in Business Computing Systems where he graduated with honours in 2005 from City University in London.

Neil moved on to found his first recruitment business from which he exited in 2008. He then went on to help grow many other businesses globally before deciding to use his experience to empower recruitment consultants to grow their own business, becoming an active angel investor & growing startups.​

His biggest passion in life is growth. Neil is well known for helping individuals as well as companies to identify the hurdles on their way to success and to find a way to overcome these hurdles by understanding their origin, shifting focus and finally letting go of everything that holds them back or stands in the way of the best possible outcome. He is a successful advisor and mentor to many, taking part in their exciting journeys every day.

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