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We harness the power of ai and behavioural science

to slash hiring costs and increase retention.

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Why Tech Heads?

The Future Starts Now

Tech Heads are on a mission to revolutionise the tech industry by shaking up traditional recruitment with cutting-edge AI and behavioural science, championing diversity and inclusion.

Why Tech Heads?

Exceptional Tech Talent

Find your next opportunity with us.

By representing you and your interests, our Talent Acquisition consultants will ensure to properly set expectations and next steps and work to get you in front of the best companies with the best opportunities in the market today.

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Image for Exceptional Tech Talent section

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We work to provide our clients with the ideal individual with the right skills, capabilities, and importantly behavioural traits to perfectly compliment any given opportunity. Our award-winning recruitment process is designed to ensure you're not only able to find and hire your next exceptional candidate, but critically they stay long-term.

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T.A.P. - AITM powered behavioural science assessment tool


Advanced data analytics, machine learning and cutting edge automation technology cut the time to hire in half and identify the right talent with unbelievable accuracy. Read more about our Recruitment Intelligence System.

Recruitment Intelligence System


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