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Talent Automation

  • Fully automated AI Recruitment Resourcer T.E.S.S.A.
  • Interview Scheduler
  • Optional add-ons can be added throughout the process
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Innovative solution that leverages AI technology to identify and present top talent to our clients. Your fully automated AI recruitment resourcer T.E.S.S.A eliminates the need for human intervention in the early stages of the recruitment process. T.E.S.S.A. is capable of identifying the best candidates for the job based on specific criteria provided, such as qualifications and experience. Additionally, the Talent Pipeline option streamlines the interview scheduling process, creating a seamless experience for all parties involved. Additional options, such as behavioural assessments and a dedicated recruiter to represent you in the later stages of the process can be booked on top throughout the process, allowing you the greatest flexibility.

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Talent Sniper

  • Talent & market mapping
  • Headhunting approach
  • Bleeding-edge headhunting technology
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Talent Sniper is an ideal solution for clients who are seeking a more targeted and efficient approach to talent acquisition. This service leverages the latest recruitment technology to identify and engage with top talent in a precise and streamlined manner. With a focus on delivering high-quality candidates without the high price tag of traditional headhunting services, the Talent Sniper option is a cost-effective way for clients to access top talent in their industry. Find top talent quickly and efficiently while minimising costs.

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Talent Retention

  • Access to T.A.P.AI
  • McQuaig Job Surveys
  • McQuaig Word Surveys
  • Dedicated Microsite
  • Free replacement policy up to 24 months
  • Full Management Consultation
  • Personalised Video Introductions
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Talent Retention is our proven methodology, utilising the latest recruitment and headhunting technology delivered through our award-winning platform to fully digitise your recruitment process and achieve exceptional results. Our fully embedded talent solution decreases your commercial downtime whilst reviewing and assessing candidates, increases your retention rates through talent assessments ensuring you only interview candidates who are the most likely to succeed in their roles and stay long-term and decreases your overall cost to hire drastically.