Our Services

Tech Heads provide bespoke tech recruitment solutions understanding that a cookie cutter approach just doesn't cut it. Our services are customised to align with your specific budget, timeline, and cultural requirements. For those not sure what they need just yet we have packaged our most popular services:

Exceptional Recruitment Without The Price Tag

This cutting edge AI Recruitment Platform combines the efficiency of AI algorithms with precision targeting to ensure only the most suitable candidates are shortlisted, based on your specific requirements. T.E.S.S.A. excels in automating and accelerating the candidate vetting process, significantly reducing time-to-hire and recruitment costs.

With its ability to adapt and learn from your hiring preferences, T.E.S.S.A. continuously improves candidate matches, making it ideal for any budget and high-volume recruitment without added overhead. Its streamlined process includes defining your needs, scanning and evaluating candidates from various sources, and assisting in scheduling interviews, culminating in the hiring of top-tier talent.

Say goodbye to traditional recruitment hurdles and embrace a smarter, leaner hiring process.

The ideal solution for clients who are seeking a simple and efficient approach to talent acquisition.

This service leverages the latest recruitment technology, Machine Learning and AI to identify and engage with top talent in a precise and streamlined process without losing the human touch.

With a focus on delivering high-quality candidates without the high price tag of traditional headhunting services, the no bs package is a cost-effective way for clients to access top talent in their industries.

Free for all of our platinum clients and bookable for all other clients Grow & Retain offers an innovative solution to the challenge of retaining top talent in a world where traditional perks no longer suffice.

With remote work enabling employees to work for global companies, UK businesses are seeing a concerning trend of high staff turnover, with about 35% leaving within their first year.

"Grow & Retain" counters this by helping businesses not only retain crucial knowledge and experience but also save significantly on rehiring and recruitment costs. This package has successfully helped hundreds of organisations turn into talent magnets to attracting and long term retain skilled professionals.

Tech Heads' solution for organisations in urgent need of contractors and freelance talent.

At its core, the service harnesses the power of advanced AI for precise market mapping, utilising NLP algorithms to build a rich talent pool tailored to your specific needs. We further integrate Machine Learning and behavioral science for in-depth profiling and behavioral assessments, ensuring a perfect match between talent and your organisational requirements.

However, the true strength of "Talent on Demand" lies in the blend of cutting-edge technology with the human touch. Our team's years of experience and AI's perfect understanding of client needs flead to speedy and reiable delivery of services.

This approach guarantees high accuracy in talent matching, providing you with the right people exactly when you need them, all within your budget.