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EMPLOYERS: Beware of Recruitment Technology!


​Hiring strategies used by most recruiters AND employers are well overdue for an upgrade. And modern technology has a lot to offer to everyone involved.
But my concern – and the reason why I went with the dramatic headline – is that I’m seeing too many recruiters using technology for the sake of it.
Which is a polite way of saying they’re charging more for the same old service with just a few added bells and whistles.

So, if your recruiter offers to add value to the service they’re providing you through technology, you need to know the right questions to ask.

• Indistinguishable From Magic
I once heard a recruiter say that the biggest technological advancement in recruiting is when we started sending CVs by email instead of fax.
That’s an exaggeration (maybe), but it’s a good way of making the point that technology has a lot more to offer your hiring strategy than a modest improvement in speed and convenience.

A lot more.

So, if a recruiter wants to show off their fancy new video interviewing tech (you know… online video… that thing that’s been widely available for well over a decade), that’s fine.
But is it REALLY adding anything to the recruitment process that improves the outcome?


• Ask These Questions (and listen carefully)
There are two questions I encourage you to ask any recruiter that wants to demo their new tech.

1. How does this improve the recruitment process?

Listen carefully to ensure the answer you get isn’t just waffle. If you don’t get an intelligible answer to your question, it’s not worth the extra time and effort. But it’s a general question, so most recruiters should be able to give you some reasonable justification.

So, hit them with this crucial follow-up…

2. What MEASURABLE improvement does this provide?

This is a great way to separate the genuinely useful rec-tech from the smoke and mirrors. Because if the technology is worth its salt, it will provide an improvement that can be quantified.

To show you what I mean, I’m going to ask myself these very questions…


• The Power of T.A.P AI

The recruitment tech (and strategy) I use is called TAP AI. It combines a variety of different technological features into one platform, including video interviewing, behavioural assessments, key competency questionnaires, and candidate profiles.

1. How does T.A.P AI improve the recruitment process?

It provides employers with an easy, convenient way to access shortlisted candidate profiles online. More importantly, the additional layers of candidate assessment allow for quicker and more accurate hiring decisions.

2. What MEASURABLE improvement does TAP AI provide?

I’m glad you asked such a thoughtful and intelligent question!

Because TAP AI provides quick access to the most critical candidate information, most of my clients are seeing a marked decrease in the length of time they spend on the hiring process. But even more importantly, because T.A.P AI improves the ACCURACY of hiring decisions, this is having a significant impact on employee retention. In fact, approximately 96% of the candidates I place are still in the role after 12 months.

You can measure this effect for yourself, but I’m so confident in this figure that I’m able to offer you a FREE replacement policy of up to 12 months.

See the Difference?

Technology is only as effective as the strategy that underpins it and the ability of the person that wields it.
If the rec-tech your recruiter is offering is more than just window-dressing, you can and should expect to be offered details on HOW it improves outcomes.
If you want to see the difference for yourself, request a free demonstration of TAP AI by clicking here Book a call with me
And feel free to ask me as many awkward and difficult questions as you like ;-)

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Hiring the best person for every job is crucial to the success of a business. Yet, identifying and employing the right talent remains one of the most pressing challenges for employers. Understanding the true cost of a mis-hire will empower employers to identify ways to mitigate the huge costs associated with bad hires and enable their businesses to succeed.